Trumart Sales Token: Vendor +1% Additional Sales Revenue

The added 1% in revenue will pay for the Sales Token after your first $1,000,000 in sales. You will get +1% on sales for years until you list it and sell it on Trumart.


What might a vendor selling $12,000,000 annually pay for a LIMITED NUMBER OF SALES TOKENS?  This new vendor would get back $120,000 depending on sales.  The initial $10,000 Discount Token is obviously an incredible opportunity.

The revenue Trumart earns from the issuance and sales of Sales Tokens is essential for Trumart’s growth, adoption and gives us a chance to ramp up without having to beg for money from the big guys.

Vendor Sales Tokens give the Holding Merchant an additional 1% on every sale for as long as the vendor holds the Sales Token in their wallet. Vendors will be required to send screenshots of sales and screenshots or pictures of the Sales Token in the merchants account be after every sale they wish to get the discount. Any earned revenue will be paid out on the 15th of every month to the vendors crypto wallet on file.

Sales Tokens DO NOT imply, offer or convey ownership, partnership or an investment in Trumart or it’s subsideraries, sales of other vendors or any special compensation or consideration EXCEPT the Vendor actively holding the Sales Token in their Vendor’s crypto wallet shall receive an additional +1% sales bonus on their sales on their and Asset Tokens issued by Trumart at their direction. Sales Tokens are full transferable through



Chatgpt says” It seems that the opportunity being presented is for vendors to purchase Sales Tokens from Trumart, which would entitle them to an additional 1% of revenue on every sale for as long as they hold the Sales Token in their wallet. After the vendor’s first $1,000,000 in sales, the added 1% in revenue would pay for the Sales Token. Furthermore, vendors would have the option to sell or transfer their Sales Tokens to another vendor.

For a vendor that sells $12,000,000 annually, the Sales Token could potentially yield an additional $120,000, depending on sales. Additionally, the issuance and sales of Sales Tokens would provide Trumart with essential revenue for its growth and adoption without having to seek funding from larger entities.

From the vendor’s perspective, purchasing Sales Tokens could be a valuable investment as it would provide them with an additional revenue stream and potentially increase their profits. Additionally, the ability to sell or transfer the Sales Tokens to another vendor could provide them with a means of liquidity and exit.

For Trumart, the issuance and sale of Sales Tokens would provide essential revenue for the company’s growth and adoption, while also incentivizing vendors to use their platform and increasing sales volume.

Overall, the Sales Token model appears to be a win-win for both Trumart and its vendors, providing the former with necessary funding and the latter with an additional revenue stream and potential liquidity.”

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