Dear New Trumart User,

Welcome to Trumart, a global e-commerce platform built on compliance and transparency. We require all merchants and users to pass a global AML and KYC compliance checkS to prevent fraud, money laundering, and funding terrorism.

We understand that you may already have passed a KYC and AML check with your hosted wallet provider. However, we require all users to pass a KYC and AML check through Trumart’s partner,, to ensure that we are meeting the highest compliance standards.

To pass the KYC and AML check, you will need to provide with some basic information about yourself, such as your name, address, date of birth, and government-issued ID. You may also be asked to pass a Liveness Check. This is a simple and quick webcam interface helping verify you are you.

Once you have successfully passed the KYC and AML check, you will be able to use Trumart’s full range of features, including buying and selling goods and services, depositing and withdrawing fiat and cryptocurrencies, and participating in our loyalty program.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us to create a safe and secure marketplace for everyone.

This screening process helps to ensure that everyone on our platform is who they say they are and that they are not using our platform for illegal activities.

Once you have passed the KYC/AML screening process, you will have instant access to all of the merchants on TruMart Storefronts.

Important information:

  • TruMart has no part in any user-initiated purchases and has no control over the emergent created NFT.
  • TruMart receives a 5% platform fee from the buyers wallet directly on every buyer-initiated purchase. Merchants and users pay nothing (Zero) to list or relist items. Collectors may relist bought items for free. Trumart receives a 5% platform fee for all other transaction directly from the buyers wallet.
  • All transactions are made in cryptocurrency only, controlled by the merchant-created NFT.
  • Merchant-created NFT smart contracts may only be bought with USDC (native Polygon Network), Polygon  MATIC, and USDC.e (bridged) on the Polygon Network.
  • Merchants receive 100% of the purchase price on a buyer-initiated purchases and is transferred directly from the buyer’s wallet to the merchant’s wallet via smart contract. TruMart receives a 5% platform fee from the buyer directly on initial purchases from a merchant.
  • TruMart simply connects merchants and users like a Craigslist or OfferUp, except TruMart is not involved in the transactions in any way.

We hope you enjoy using TruMart Storefronts!

Trumart Storefronts


Merchant Offerings


Listing Fee: 14.95%+
Obvious Choice


Listing fee: 0%



Merchants may offer a delayed shipping option for users who buy one of their items. Once the initial 90 day shipping term is about to expire merchants can offer to extend the shipping and delivery date past 90 days offering the collector to purchase additional days on the collectibles product page.

This offers merchants to earn additional revenue by delaying the ship to date until the customer is ready to receive their purchase.

NEVER REMOVE A SOLD ITEM FOR ANY REASON UNLESS THE CORRESPONDING NFT HAS BEEN BURNED AND REDEEMED FOR SHIPPING TO THE END CUSTOMER! Customers place their trust in every merchant that items sold and stored will be in THE EXACT CONDITION AS DESCRIBED. Anytime you remove and items from your vault there is a possibility of the items getting lost, stolen or damaged!

No Refunds: The industry standard.  Merchants are in total control of their Storefront and can implement any policy the determine to be appropriate. 

Clearly state store policies regarding:

Expired Shipping Term: Merchants may hold merchandise as collateral for unshipped items beyond agreed upon ship to date.

Please contact merchants directly with any questions or concerns you may have.

Taxes included?: Be sure to include if taxes are paid, international shipping may cost more, are there any duties, etc.. for your customers. Do I need to collect state taxes, etc..

Clearly state expected export or import duties, taxes and charges a collector may incur after purchase and redemption.

The more information, pictures, insurance coverage, social media links and more. The more information a merchant can offer to potential customer would seem to form a more personable relation with a sense of security.


Trumart gives nor offers any advice or direction other than making available industry specific links, blogs and news from various sources to help inform users of everything in crypto. 

All funds are transferred directly from the collectors wallet to your store’s wallet.

It is recommended by industry experts to create 3 wallets when setting up the crypto wallet for business.

  1. Used to receive payments from sales and is linked to your Storefront account.
  2. Transfer large sums of crypto to this wallet before cashing out. There will be no other wallet activity so it should be easy to monitor.

Using Metamask makes this incredible easy.

Expect to pay 2%-5% to an exchange like PayPal, Coinbase, Bitpay, Kraken, Robinhood, Circle and others.

Merchants are responsible for their own taxes, duties, all fees both locally and international monies that may be owed.

You get 100% of your list price.

Sale proceeds go directly to your crypto wallet

No Refunds Issued

Transfer your funds anytime, NO HOLDS!



Before connecting your wallet and creating your Trumart Storefront profile you must first pass a global K.Y.B./K.Y.C. & A.M.L. audit through With every merchant globally verified potential customers know that merchants are real, trustworthy and can be contacted during normal business hours. Trumart Storefronts includes phone numbers, email address and google links for every merchant.

Merchants listing illegal, prohibited and sanctioned items will be removed from the platform and possibly reported to authorities.

For every sale item there is a “suspicious listing” button to report potential fraud or bad actors.

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