Compliance Super Token: +3% Sales or +3% Rebate

“Compliance is not just a necessary aspect of our business, it is our foundation. We understand that without a commitment to compliance, our business cannot thrive. That’s why we prioritize it above all else – to ensure the safety and security of our customers and the longevity of our company.” Chatgpt

Introducing the Founder’s Club Compliance Super Tokens – the ultimate way to maximize your savings and revenue on Trumart’s tokenized trading platform. With a Founder’s Club Token, you can enjoy a +3% rebate on all purchases, or if you’re a vendor, you’re entitled to a +3% additional revenue from the completed sale.

Trumart requires a screenshot of every transaction that involves Rebate Tokens, Sales Tokens, or Founder’s Club Tokens. This includes a screenshot of the token in your wallet during your purchase or sale, as well as the Polyscan page link attached to the transfer.

We also want to ensure that our marketplace is fair and transparent, which is why all Tokens are transferable, but they are strictly one token per transaction. Please note that using more than one token per transaction is prohibited and any fraudulent or improper use of a utility token will result in immediate removal of the token. In such cases, the token will be sent to the burn wallet and rendered useless.

With Founder’s Club Compliance Super Tokens, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your transactions are secure, compliant, and optimized for maximum savings and revenue. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join our Founder’s Club and start earning rewards today!.

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