SUPER Token: Tokenization Center & Vault +3% Sales/+3%

Money raised from sale goes to Trumart Construction Wallet to be used at Trumart’s descretion but is earmarked for our planned $5,000,000 headquarters and our FIRST TOKENIZATION AND VAULTING FACILITY and will be located in Metro Atlanta, USA

Universal Super Token: Can be used only once per transacton as Rebate Token for Collectors or Sales Token for Vendors!

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Unobtainium is a term used in fictionengineering, and common situations for a material ideal for a particular application but impractically hard to get. Unobtainium originally referred to materials that do not exist at all, but can also be used to describe real materials that are unavailable due to extreme rarity or cost. Less commonly, it can mean a device with desirable engineering properties for an application that are exceedingly difficult or impossible to achieve.

The properties of any particular example of unobtainium depend on the intended use. For example, a pulley made of unobtainium might be massless and frictionless. But for a nuclear rocket, unobtainium might have the needed qualities of lightness, strength at high temperatures, and resistance to radiation damage: A combination of all three qualities is impossible with today’s materials. The concept of unobtainium is often applied hand-wavingly, flippantly, or humorously.

The word “unobtainium” derives humorously from “unobtainable“, with -ium, a suffix for chemical element names. It predates the similar-sounding systematic element names, such as ununennium. An alternate spelling, unobtanium, is sometimes used, perhaps based on the spelling of real elements like titanium and uranium.

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